Ariadne Diagnostics LLC (Ariadne-Dx) is a start-up diagnostic discovery and development company founded in December, 2011 and located in the 270 Technology Corridor with its main office in Rockville, MD. The Company licensed certain rights to discoveries and intellectual property with regard to biomarker panels for mCRC and neurodegenerative / neuromuscular diseases from Ariadne Genomics which over the last ten years has designed and developed bioinformatics software and algorithms for biomedical research. Ariadne-Dx couples this vast experience in bioinformatics with expertise in biomarker discovery and clinical assay development. Company management incorporates individuals with extensive bioinformatics, biomarker discovery, assay development, clinical and regulatory development and business management experience.

History of Ariadne-Dx

Ariadne-Dx was founded in December 2011 by a team of individuals who believe that the dream of personalized medicine can only be achieved through the identification of novel, sensitive and specific biomarkers to select the most effective drugs for treatment of the individual patient. These seasoned entrepreneur-scientists saw an opportunity to merge their individual expertise in bioinformatics, cellular and molecular biology, assay development and clinical diagnostic development to identify, develop and commercialize superior companion diagnostic tests. Ariadne-Dx is the realization of this vision.

The company is firmly rooted in a strong bioinformatic foundation inherited from its corporate predecessor, Ariadne Genomics. Ariadne Genomics is a bioinformatic tools company that developed software to analyze existing data and model molecular pathways, primarily for drug discovery. Ariadne Genomics premier tool, Pathways Studio, is used by pharmaceutical companies worldwide to identify novel drug targets. Ariadne Genomics assets were acquired by Elsevier in December 2011. Ariadne-Dx licensed discovery technology from Ariadne-Dx for the purpose of novel biomarker discovery.

How we are different for other companion diagnostics companies:

Ariadne-Dx is integrating Bio-informatics and Diagnostic Development.

Ariadne Diagnostics, LLC (Ariadne-Dx) utilizes advanced bioinformatics tools (see Our Approach for more details) that integrate genomic, proteomic, cellular and clinical data to select candidate biomarkers that can predict the effects of drug agents on individual patients.

The company focuses on

  1. Discovery work to provide the data supporting biomarker selection;

  2. Bioinformatic studies to integrate that data for the selection of biomarkers;

  3. Biological & clinical studies to validate the utility of selected biomarkers;

  4. Assay development to support the development of clinical diagnostics

  5. Clinical validation studies for the purposes of supporting diagnostic test approvals and commercialization.

Management Team

Ilya Mazo, Founder, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mazo has more than 15 years of entrepreneurial, executive and scientific leadership experience in biotech. In 2002 he founded Ariadne Genomics to develop a bioinformatics suite of products for systems biology and translational medicine, which is currently used at 8 out 10 top pharma companies and hundreds laboratories worldwide. The Ariadne Genomics assets were acquired by Elsevier in 2011. Prior to that, Mazo was Scientific Project Manager at InforMax Inc. and Research Scientist at CLONTECH. He introduced several new products at both CLONTECH (first commercial retroviral systems) and InforMax (gene expression and proteomics software) whose revenues have developed into million dollar product lines. Dr. Mazo received his PhD in Molecular Genetics from University of Illinois at Chicago in 1996 and holds an MS in Biophysics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Elena Schwartz, Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Schwartz has a broad background in cancer biology with specific training and expertise in Translational Medicine. She has over 19 years of research experience in disease-related biomarkers and has numerous publications in peer reviewed journals, including single-author review papers. Dr. Schwartz played key roles in discovering, developing, and commercializing novel therapeutic and diagnostic products for cancer, including lung, breast, ovarian and prostate, and diseases of the central nervous system. Prior to founding Ariadne-Dx, she worked at 20/20 GeneSystems Inc., where she helped to develop a diagnostic test for the early detection of lung cancer. Before that she worked at Panacea Pharmaceuticals Inc., where she was involved in drug development for Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Dr. Schwartz received her PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the Institute of Biochemistry, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Michael S. Lebowitz, Founder, Vice President of Research & Development

Dr. Lebowitz has over 22 years research experience in the biomedical sciences including 12 years involved in the development of cancer biomarkers for diagnostic testing. Prior to joining Ariadne Diagnostics, Dr. Lebowitz was the Director of R & D at 20/20 GeneSystems, Inc. where he oversaw the development and launch of a blood test for the early diagnosis of lung cancer and was involved in platform development and biomarker discovery for several companion diagnistic tests for kidney and breast cancers., Dr. Lebowitz was formerly the Director of Research at Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where he was instrumental in the formation of an in-house CLIA-approved laboratory and the launch of three immunoassays for the early detection of cancer and one companion diagnostic; a gene expression-based test to predict the efficacy of a molecular-targeted therapy. He has experience working with diagnostic regulatory submissions and the FDA. Dr. Lebowitz was trained at Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine where he did graduate work in biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology and postdoctoral work in immunopathology.

Anton Yuryev, Founder

Dr. Anton Yuryev has over 15 years experience in bioinformatics. He worked as Senior Scientist at InforMax and then continued at Orchid Bioscience as Senior Bioinformatics Analyst and Senior Director of Application Science at Ariadne Genomics. Dr. Yuryev has published more than 40 scientific publications, edited three scientific books, and authored several algorithms for primer design and pathway analysis. His current research focuses on studying topological and evolutionary properties of biological networks and developing algorithms and workflows for pathway reconstruction, analysis of molecular profiling data and for drug discovery. Dr. Yuryev received his PhD in Genetics at Johns Hopkins University, USA.

Nikolai Daraselia, Founder

Dr. Daraselia has over 20 years of research experience in the biomedical sciences including 10 years of experience in designing, management and implementation of software systems and platforms in the areas of bioinformatics (sequence analysis, gene expression analysis), systems biology (pathway analysis) and text mining/information extraction. He was the Senior Director of Research at Ariadne Genomics. Prior this position he was the Senior Director of Research at Informax, Inc. where he was responsible for design, evaluation, and implementation of various algorithms in the field of bioinformatics to support InforMax product line, including desktop (Vector NTI Suite) and client/server software (Genomax). Dr. Daracelia received his PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry from the University of Illinois of Chicago.

Our collaborators/partners


Otto Ruesch Center

Otto Ruesch Center at the Georgetown University ( (Washington, DC).

The Otto Ruesch Center at Georgetown University (GU). GU has been identified as one of 40 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer treatment centers in the U.S. The recently founded Otto Ruesch Center at GU has already become one of the global leaders for the cure of gastrointestinal cancers. A leading member of Otto Ruesch Center, Dr. Aiwu Ruth He, a practicing oncologist and clinical researcher who is an expert in CRC oncology and a translational scientist, is serving as a consultant for mCRC project. Ariadne-Dx with the support of Dr. He will organize a clinical trial of the final test product at the Otto Ruesch Center at GU based on standard of care clinical guidelines.

The Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center

The Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center ( is a multidisciplinary program providing comprehensive diagnostic testing and multidisciplinary consultation services for patients diagnosed with cancer. This center has an excellent team of physicians from the departments of oncology, surgery, medicine, and pathology, along with a team of specialized nurses, social workers, and genetic counselors, are dedicated to the management and cure of colorectal cancer. Ariadne-Dx has been in contact with the lead physicians from this center who has confirmed they interest and willingness to help us to organize a clinical trial of the proposed test at the Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center using standard of care clinical guidelines.

Center for Colon Cancer Research

The Center for Colon Cancer Research ( (Columbia, SC) was originally established in 2002 by the National Institutes of Health Center for Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) grant. The Center for Colon Cancer Research (CCCR) is the first of its kind in South Carolina and is a driving force leading the development of innovative and groundbreaking research in colorectal cancer. Ariadne-Dx is in the process of formulating an agreement with David Reisman, the Director of the CCCR Tissue Biorepository to obtain samples from responders and non-responders to anti-EGFR treatment.


BioMarCare Technologies Ltd. (

BioMarCare is dedicated to the development of a cluster of high value in-vitro diagnostics for early detection, prognosis and monitoring of cancer. The company’s Multi-Biomarker Panel approach, combined with its technological and clinical expertise, promises to generate molecular and serum-based diagnostic blood tests with high specificity and sensitivity as well as rigorous validation, based on both novel and established cancer-specific markers. The company’s first product, the PAR Panel™ est - for detection of disease onset/recurrence, prognosis and long-term monitoring of therapy, is based on Protease Activator Receptors (PARs), novel, cancer-specific serum biomarkers. These markers are indicative for personalized medicine assisting in treatment selection other than or in addition to Tamoxifen therapy (e.g. other hormonal therapies or chemotherapy) .

The company’s second product, the Colon-MarCarePlex™ Test for early detection of colon cancer, is based on a combination of proprietary and non proprietary RNA and DNA markers such as Colon Cancer Associated Transcript 1 (CCAT-1), a unique nucleic acid known to be specifically expressed in cancer cells.

BioMarCare is located at Israel’s first medical research-oriented technology park, in the Jerusalem BioPark on the premises of Hadassah University Medical Center (HMC). The company benefits from close proximity and easy access to the rich infrastructure of HMC’s medical campus and the Hadassah University Hospital.

BioMarCare is managed by a proven track record veteran IVD team experienced in delivering diagnostics products from idea to commercialization. The company received a grant from the Israeli chief scientist. BioMarCare is a HBL (Hadasit Bio-Holdings) Portfolio Company. HBL is a publicly traded subsidiary of Hadasit Ltd (TASE: HDST)- the technology transfer company of the Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem.


Ariadne-Dx is a member of two European Union funded Consortia that are targeted towards the development of biomarkers for NMD and NDD. The first consortium, Bio-NMD ( ) is primarily focused on Duchenne and Becker’s muscular dystrophies (DMD, BMD). The second consortium, NEUROMICS, is targeting 10 rare disease areas that comprise more than 15 NMD/NDDs ( These consortia, supply the Company with a distinct advantage in developing biomarkers for this disease area; specifically, the supply and analysis of bio-specimens from a much larger number of patients with these diseases than would be otherwise available. For both consortia, the Company is supplying all of the bio-informatic support and as one of the only commercial entities involved in the consortia, retains the rights to develop and market tests based on the findings.